CHIN-FM is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts multilingual programming at FM 100.7 in Toronto, Ontario. It should not be confused with FM 91.9, a rebroadcaster of AM sister station CHIN with a different programming schedule. Both stations are owned by CHIN Radio/TV International.

The station was launched in 1967 by Toronto broadcaster Johnny Lombardi, a year after the AM station’s launch.

CHIN’s daytime programming is primarily in Italian and Portuguese, with some Caribbean, Gujarati, Hindi, Jewish, Pakistani, Polish, Punjabi, Serbian, Turkish and Slovenian programming airing in the evenings and on weekends.

CHIN broadcasts a late night show called Club 246.[1] It runs for 5 hours starting between midnight and 1 AM. The show plays a mix of trance, groove and dance music. It is broadcast in English rather than the usual mix of multilingual daytime programming.